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The Responsibilities of Breeding French Bulldogs The number of people who want the French bulldog as increased at a high rate because everybody wants to own one. Many dealers have come up to buy the dogs so that they can breed them because of the increased demand. You will find that most of the dealers who sell the dogs are only interested in the money that is acquired selling the dog and they don’t put into consideration the measures of breeding a high-quality French bulldog. The French bulldogs are a special breed of dogs and it can be used for companion or as a show dog. During breeding a lot of attention is required if you want to attain a high-quality breed during gestation. A French bulldog breeder who is responsible knows the following about breeding the dogs and they have the responsibility of putting each factor into consideration before they start the breeding process and deciding if a female is the best candidate for breeding. The Franchise should be screened for the presence of various genes that are responsible for the problems that are mostly observed during breeding. One of the diseases that is commonly screened is the Von-Willebrand that causes defective blood clotting that affects the French bulldog. The defective blood clotting problem leads to massive blood loss even after a slight injury and this can lead to any form of surgery to the dog. Frenchies should not be bred on the first fertile period and it can be bred at any other fertile period after the first one has passed. For the last five years the French dog should not be bred at the first fertile window because there is a very high risk of complications that may come up and the bulldog may be unable to carry the pregnancy to full term. If you only possess a female French bulldog you will have to look for a stud from somewhere else. It is your responsibility to look for the best candidate for your dog if you want a high-quality blend. You will have to bear the cost that is involved in looking for the best stud for your female dog. The process of identifying the best stud takes some time and it should be carried out before the dog is on its fertile period for proper arrangements to be made. For you to reduce the risk of the dog failing to conceive you should service the best and most fertile time. A French bulldog can either deliver normally or through a c-section. You should make sure that you can afford the veterinary services because the c-section is quite expensive. Before the puppies are ready for sale you should have enough resources to bring them up.5 Takeaways That I Learned About Animals

5 Takeaways That I Learned About Animals