Day: February 25, 2018

Pets & Animals


Many folks find the idea of having wildlife as pet as unique and exciting. In California, one of the few states whose legislature is at present in session, AB 2269 would prohibit persons or animal shelters from euthanizing animals for the purpose of transferring the animal carcass to analysis services or animal sellers. In the invertebrate world it is not unusual for animals to be completely linked to together, forming clusters which might be known as colonies. We need to be more proactive, and demand more humane remedy of the less fortunate animals who are born into, or adopted into such analysis labs or meals homes.

If handed, this invoice will ban the practice of pound seizure statewide, preserving the motivation to undertake out companion animals, and protecting animals from being topic to experimentation and analysis. Maybe that’s why so many people care about protecting animals from pollution and poaching. …