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Looking On The Bright Side of Medications

Various Flea Treatments for Dogs

We all have pet; a dog, cat or rabbit. If the flea season is not well prepared for by control and prevention method, our pretty pet could be in danger, they could even die. But it would be better if you had prevented the flea from your compound instead of treating them. There are various preventive measures and treatment methods for flea.

You just soak your pet in warm water then rub the flea and tick shampoo into its fur, let the shampoo sit on your dog’s fur for ten to fifteen minutes before rinsing with warm water again. Purchase the flea powder, using a brush apply it all over your dogs’ body; from head to the tail. A flea spray is another way of flea treatment for dogs.

Once you notice that flea infestation has started you get your dip ready and soak your dog in that medicated solution, once the dog is fully soaked, do not rinse it away, this means you leave your pet in a well ventilated area for sometime. Most flea latch around the neck area or the head of the dog.

There are various preventive flea measures for dogs. Application of ‘spot on’ treatment is another way to kill fleas that land on your dog.

One of them is combing your dog with a flea comb. Fleas love a dirty environment, thus if your dog is left to stay dirty, chances are, fleas will latch all over its body.Lemon juice is another simpler way killing fleas.

Use your fingers to massage the oil drops and ensure they reach to the skin, in case a flea lands on your dog’s back it dies. In case you notice any irritation from your dog, stop the treatment immediately. Chances are any flea that land on it will just die, fleas don’t like the smell of rosemary.

As the dog keeps on eating its food the yeast seeps into the dog’s skin and gets extracted through the pores, thus making its skin less appealing to fleas. Again, ensure the area where your dog sleeps is tidy and clean, spray it occasionally. It is easier to prevent flea latching to your dog than to watch your dog undergo an itchy process.

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