Two Important Steps For Promoting Healthy Joints In Dogs

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Two Important Steps For Promoting Healthy Joints In Dogs

Just like humans, a dog’s skeletal system is comprised of various joints throughout their body and these joints are located wherever two bones connect. The function of a joint is to absorb shock when a dog jumps, lands or performs any type of activity or movement. Dogs have three types of joints, which include fibrous, synovial and cartilaginous, and each kind is responsible for a different function. Read the information below to learn two very important steps that individuals must take to promote healthy joints in their dogs.

Exercise Their Dog Every Day

Dogs are generally active and they love to run and play as much as possible. Exercise not only improves a dog physically, but it also enhances a dog’s mental state. Dog owners should make sure that exercise is included in their dog’s daily routine. Even older dogs that aren’t as active as they once were still need to exercise every day. Mature dogs that don’t run much anymore will greatly benefit from a leisurely stroll. If the weather is too bad outside to go for a walk or run, individuals can still exercise their dogs inside the house. A game of tug-of-war and fetch are ways that dogs can get exercise indoors. Hiding treats in different rooms and having the dog find them is another way to exercise a dog on rainy or snowy days.

Ensure Their Dog Sustains A Healthy Weight

Dog owners should keep their dog’s weight within the normal perimeters for each specific breed. To learn the ideal weight range for their dog, individuals should schedule a veterinarian appointment and have their dog weighed. The vet can determine if the dog is overweight or if the animal’s weight is within the average range for its breed. The veterinarian can recommend a diet and exercise plan for dogs that need to shed some pounds. It’s important that dog owners follow their vet’s recommended plan to ensure optimal joint health for their dog.

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