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Treat Type 2 Diabetes with a Natural Treatment

For many years, diabetes has been considered as a metabolic condition. Medications have been therefore centered on solving metabolic symptoms. The result is that patients will have to live on lifetime dependence on insulin injection. The diabetic complications are responsible for cutting average life expectancy with between five to eight years. The digestive disorder occasioned by diabetes leads to suppression of the body immunity. Prominently featuring as threats to people with diabetes are circulatory disorders. Researchers have not given up and have now made a tremendous step towards establishing a natural cure for diabetes.

Researchers have come up with interesting facts pointing out to possibility of type 2 diabetes being an autoimmune disorder rather than a metabolic one. It is this discovery that has made it possible to develop other alternative treatments to injection of insulin doses. Patients who are on the alternative methodology have to continue with their insulin injection until their body have reversed the diabetes symptoms.

Microbes and parasites are responsible for the damage of the body immunity. These parasites and microbes lodge on the liver and the pancreas. They deprive the organ the food it requires while excreting excess toxic acids. The pancreas ability to produce insulin is lowered when it lacks adequate nutrients and energy resulting from the infection. As a result the body immunity system is compromised due to the excess myotoxins leading to autoimmunity. The body, therefore, attacks its own cells.
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Two steps are necessary for the natural cure for type 2 diabetes. The first stage involves identifying why the body immunity is compromised. It encompasses an examination of the liver and the pancreas to know which are the parasites and microbes on them. The herpes group of virus has been realized to be present in most patients with type 2 diabetes making it a high culprit.Liver fluke has been spotted in several cases. The treatment for this stage involves nutritional protocol to kill the microbes and parasites. The nutrition protocol administration should be by a professional doctor.
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The second stage of the natural cure for diabetes involves restoring the body immunity. The microbes damage the body tissues and weaken the organs and immunity in overall. It is, therefore, important to take food that will help repair the cells and reenergize the weakened organs. This would help the pancreas and liver produce the relevant substances in the right order. There are selected foods that the patient would need to boost the body immunity recovery. The recovery requires the patient incorporate food supplements.The recovery would be boosted if the patient takes in food supplements. The supplements are aimed at ensuring that the liver and pancreas have what it takes to produce the pancreas and therefore control the blood sugar level. This treatments lie on the negative feedback by the body to control its metabolic systems if it is not invade by outsiders and provided by all nutrients.