How To Maintain Pets

Pets are animals that are deliberately kept for benefits. Some of the benefits of maintaining a pet include training responsibilities. With keep pets, children learn to be responsible. Responsible for feeding their pets, and help clean the stables. Besides raising animals as well as to teach hygiene and health. One is diligent in keeping the cage and bathing pets. Automatic child will learn to always maintain the cleanliness and health of their pets, as well as himself.

When raising animals there are some things that must be considered. For animals also require good care in order to grow well. Pets must note their conditions, food, cage, and how to treat pets. With good maintenance and care of the pet will be healthy and not affected by the disease. The following explanation of the things to note from our pet.

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1. Animal Condition
When choosing a pet, make sure the animal is in good health. Note also the age of the animal when buying, buy already not breastfeeding mother or an adult age because the animals are grown have good endurance compared to young or suckling on its mother. Usually the adult animals are able to live independently, that are not easily affected by the disease.

2. Feeding
Like humans, animals also need a healthy diet. In addition, animals also need food to suit their needs. For example cats need fish. Fish require worms, small insects, or pellets. With regular feeding schedule, for example in the morning, afternoon and evening. In addition we also need to know the appropriate foods for pets. Usually, each animal has a different food types.

3. Creation of the Cage
Cages are good for pets is far from the noise. Rabbits are animals that are easily stressed if in the middle of the crowd. Make a hutch with materials of bamboo segments, this is to facilitate the rabbit adapt to the new environment as well. Hutch good position is to avoid sunlight, the base is made with holes that rabbit droppings fall directly to the bottom without trampled by rabbits. Far is also home to other pets, for example cats, dogs or chickens.

4. Hygiene Cages
Keep the cage is always kept clean. Stable conditions should be kept clean so that no smell of dirt. Clean the enclosure from dirt least once a day so that the pet feels comfortable in the cage. For example if we keep the fish. Aquariums should we drain once a week. Moss and dirt on the walls of the aquarium should be cleaned. The water in the aquarium should be replaced frequently. The dirty water becomes muddy and smelly. Thus water is not good for fish life.

Likewise, if we raise chickens. Every day the cage should be cleaned. Chicken manure can be stockpiled in order to become fertilizer. Alas container dirt is always replaced daily. Where to eat chicken also need to be washed.

5. Treatment
Pet care also needs to be conducted to the fur and nails. Suppose you need to trim the fur of rabbits every 4 months to assist the growth of new feathers. Cut the rabbits that had long nails. Make checks rabbit regularly by a veterinarian so that you know the health condition of the rabbit well. Besides vaccination is also necessary in certain animals. Vaccination is done so that the pet does not catch the disease from other animals.

6. Treat Animals with Love
Animals also need affection. Animals would seem to be happy if you treat it with compassion. For example, a cat. If stroked, the cat will look like. When fed, the cat’s tail will wag as receipt kasih.Jadi, treat pets with affection is very important. This may affect the survival of a pet. Each animal requires good treatment of humans. We should not treat animals with impunity.