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Treatments for Dog Ear Infections Your pet dog is part of your family so you will have to give them the right care and treatment as you would any family member. Unfortunately, dogs experience many problems and infections. Ear infection is a common problem in dogs as well as other ear conditions. However, there is actually home remedies that you can try on your dog to treat their ear infection. We will show you how you can treat your dog’s ear infection in three simple ways. A checkup in your nearest vet has to be done if these home remedies will not work for your dog’s ear infection. 1. The first home remedy that you can try on your dog is the warm compress. Many dog’s ear infections were cured by this treatment so if your dog has an ear infection of any kind, you should really try it out. The warm compress will help treat the outer ear infection by eliminating the redness, pain, inflammation, or irritation of the ear. If you apply this warm compress to your dog’s ear several times a day, then you will start to see the infection subside. If you noticed that the warm compress is not working for your dog, then you should stop the remedy and consult your vet for a better solution. Another really good idea to cure ear infection in your dog is to apply cider vinegar to your dog’s ear. Apple cider vinegar is often used as a cleaner and it can really clean the inside of your dog’s ear. There is a lot of bacteria in your dogs ear and this is probably why your dog has ear infections; apple cider vinegar can help kill the bacteria in your dogs ears. Ear infection in dog’s is because there are a lot of bacteria and when you put the apple cider vinegar, this can really help. So if the reason for your dog’s ear infection is too much bacteria or germs, than apple cider vinegar will really work. For two weeks, you will want to add the apple cider vinegar to your dog’s water. Or you can simply cleanse your dog’s ear with the apple cider vinegar as the solution.
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3. And finally, another home remedy that can help treat your dog’s ear infection is herbal flea powder. One of the most common reasons why dogs experience ear infection is because of mites or fleas. When there are numerous mites or fleas living in your dog’s ear, it can really cause infection. Herbal flea powders can kill the fleas and mites that burrow deep inside your dogs ear canal. Apply the herbal flea powder after you have given your dog a bath.
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These are just three home remedies that are used to cure ear infection in dogs.