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Fish Tank Maintenance and Setup for Beginners Aquariums are highly entertaining and fun when properly maintained. However, they do require a significant amount of maintenance and care. Here is a primer on aquarium maintenance and care. First, you need to make sure that the gravel, rocks, the tank, and the ornaments you bought are thoroughly washed before putting them into the tank. You don’t want to poison your fish or any aquatic plants you may have purchased. At first, you should research the hardiest fish because you are going to have to cycle your fish tank in the beginning. Before purchasing fish, you should make sure that they are healthy, alert, and active. Hyperactivity or anxious fish are a sign of neglect.
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When setting up your new aquarium, cycling the tank is one of the most important steps because it allows the proper amount of bacteria to develop. Cycling the tank should be done with only the hardiest fish. Cycling is necessary because it allows the proper amount of bacteria to develop. Don’t forget to purchase a fresh water testing kit so that you can monitor the levels of chemicals in the tank so that the environment is right for your fish and plants. Cycling the tank is so important because you have to ensure that the bacteria in the tank are devouring the ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite. Alternatively, you can cycle the aquarium without fish by adding ammonia, which simulates the ammonia excreted by fish waste. the entire process should last between two to eight weeks.
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There are quite a few things you’ll need to purchase when setting up a new aquarium. Obviously, you need an aquarium, a filter, and lighting. But, you also need gravel, decorations, water conditioner, a net, gravel washer, and adequate amounts of fish food. Depending on the type of fish that you plan to have in your aquarium, you might also need a water heater to keep the temperature consistent, especially in the case of tropical fish. Lastly, you should maintain and clean your aquarium. Keeping a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule is one of the most important aspects of owning an aquarium. Cleaning should be done weekly or monthly depending on the type of filter. Properly maintained, aquariums can be a source of fun and entertainment. For more aquarium maintenance and setup tips, check out this website.