Dog Training in Omaha Nebraska

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Dog Training in Omaha Nebraska

Dog owners have several choices when it comes to dog training in Omaha Nebraska. There are ordinary obedience classes offered that include sessions where both dogs and owners participate for a few hours to learn behaviors and commands. That may or may not work, depending on the dog, the behaviors, and the persistence of the owner.

When any follow up, or more training, is needed, the dog and owner must attend another round of classes. Most of those classes operate on a one-size-fits-all approach of training. It is cost-effective enough so there is no harm in giving it a try, but do not be surprised if the effects last only a short time.

To have any dog training program be successful from the beginning, a customized approach is essential. All dogs are different, so training has to accommodate for breeds, behaviors, and any extenuating circumstances. A dog that is highly aggressive, for example, will need more than a standard training course.

Classes with several dogs in attendance can be completed for basic commands, but one-on-one training time is also crucial. Dogs that have been traumatized, are overly nervous in nature, or have certain medical conditions may require in-home training sessions to overcome specific issues. Instead of trying any program that is available, find a training center that offers a variety of programs to suit the needs of any dog. An experienced training school can discuss the needs of both dog and owner and recommend which program will result in desired outcomes.

In-home sessions, a three week board and train program, as well as a six week intensive board and train boot camp are offered to address specific needs of any dog. After boarding training programs are finished, owners are provided with demonstrations of what the dog has learned, and a two-hour session to teach owners the proper commands to maintain training results.

Experienced trainers also realize that training requires follow up, more training may be needed for new issues, and events in the future may affect the results of training. Lifetime support is extended for the life of the dog as part of the pricing for board and train programs. Free house calls are provided when issues arise.