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5 Uses For Pets

The 4 Warnings Signs of Illness Among Dogs

We would like our furry pets to stay with us for as many years as possible. Among the ways to make sure that we stay around longer is by availing treatment for our illnesses as promptly as possible. But then it is not always as easy for our pet dogs to tell us that they are not feeling well.

If you think that your dog is not feeling too well, here’s a list of the things you have to be wary about.

Strange movement and behavior

You are probably very familiar about your dog’s usual behavior. So it should be quite easy for you to spot if your dog suddenly behaves differently – and such a change in behavior is not to be ignored. If they suddenly feel tired, less playful, more aggressive, or clumsier, then you will have to consider that something might be wrong. Slow or stiff movement is not a good sign either.

Awful breath

Many dog owners are going to be pretty worried if they observe that their dog is breathing more heavily than normal — although this will be more difficult to recognize during the summer months when the temperature is more intense. But if it’s about bad breath, owners usually do not pay too much attention to such. A lot would argue they already have foul breath, don’t they? Yet, if you notice that its breath is less agreeable (if not more disagreeable than normal), then maybe it is because their oral health is getting compromised.

Reduced or bigger appetite

Dogs are mostly excited eaters, so a sudden decline in appetite should not be difficult to notice. A reduced appetite could be an indication of stress, pain, or fever. It is also a sign that you should immediately seek medical help from your vet, especially if it is associated with loss of appetite. They will be able to immediately diagnose the symptoms, or even recommend a veterinary CT scan. But, an increase in appetite is also not a good sign, in particular if this causes your dog to eat things they normally avoid.

Hair loss

Hair loss may not be that very easy to recognize since it often appears that some dogs regularly shed and their fur gets scattered quite everywhere! However, if the dog seem to be losing more hair than they are supposed to, then eventually the signs become clear. Hair loss could be due to several reasons: it could be flea or parasite infestation, an insufficient diet, if not a thyroid disorder, which require consultation with your vet. It can be a result of pregnancy as well; although there are certain obvious scenarios where you should be able to quickly take that off your list of likely symptoms.