5 Mistakes You Make When Feeding Your Rabbit

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5 Mistakes You Make When Feeding Your Rabbit

You can make mistakes when feeding your rabbit, either because of lack or ambiguity of information.

We can adapt the famous saying “from doctor and crazy everyone has a little …” to the veterinary area, where people who are not fit professionals and without reliable sources always have some advice to give when the question is what not to  give your rabbit.

Knowing this and the danger that such an attitude is for the well being of your animal we will clarify in this article the main doubts and show that simple mistakes can be avoided with ease.

1. How often should I feed my rabbit?

In day-to-day running it would be very convenient to feed our pets at the time that suits us. But the rabbit’s biological clock does not work that way. Rabbits are animals that eat every 2 hours. Order healthy food for your rabbit and other small pets at online stores such as Petsexpert.co.uk.

2. How much candy should I give my rabbit?

The portion will be limited to once a day, at most two times. Of course it will depend on the food in question (fruits, vegetables).

Our concern is not just about the number of times we will give the portion of fruit, but the quantity as well.

3. What more besides ration and hay can I give my rabbit?

Knowing that the basis of feeding rabbits are feed and hay, when it comes to diversifying food you may be confused by so much information, often contradictory.

A simple example: can we give spinach or not to the rabbit? Using reliable sources you will go beyond “guesswork” on the internet and make sure you will be an exemplary owner for your pet.

4. Which ration to choose?

First it is important to consider the age of the rabbit, as they age the need for varying fiber intake. The older your pet rabbit is, the lower the need for protein and the greater the fiber in your diet. When young, the amount of fiber is important, after all they are rabbits, but they need more protein due to the growth phase.

5. What should I avoid at all costs when feeding my rabbit?

The biggest mistake you may incur while feeding your rabbit is not seeking to learn about your habits. And it’s up to you to reinforce the importance of your overall living habits as well.