Day: March 20, 2018

Pets & Animals

Handy Supply Checklist for New Dog Preparations

Getting an adorable dog that will love you for as long as they live is a rewarding experience. To get your home ready for your furry companion, take a look at this handy supply checklist for new dog preparations. Obviously, your new pet will need food. This should be a better wet or dry dog food brand made especially for the type and breed of your specific dog. While some like to feed their dogs people food scraps, it is hard to ensure that your dog is getting the essential nutrients and adequate amount to maintain his health. Dogs, like some humans, will eat even though they have taken in enough. It is easy for dogs to quickly become overweight if their food is not monitored carefully.

Your new dog will need some basic dog grooming supplies, like nail clippers, brush, safe shampoo product and flea or tick repellents. A …