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Understanding Kittens’ Behavior

First up is the beautiful Miss Remmie Rae…she was my professional little supermodel who sat and posed so superbly for photographs 🙂 Look at these attractive blue eyes! Ivory has been lacking kittens (and now we have missed him) so now that we have now the kitten terrarium we’ve got arrange a cage so he will be here and hang around with the kittens and us. Ivory is about 1 yr to 18 months previous and very roly-poly and cuddly.kitten

A: My rule of thumb is handling needs to be minimal through the first three days of life to permit the kitten to outlive. When you are in the process of constructing the kitten produce urine or transfer its bowels it’s smart to have paper towels in your lap to catch the overflow. If you feed a wide range of foods (quality kitten meals, but from different sources such as …