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Top Dog Tips Launched in Response to Surging Affinity for Canine Community


(Austin, Texas)– According to the latest reports from the American Pet Products Association, more than 54 million households in the United States now include at least one dog with the total number of dogs sharing homes with humans hovering at the 77.8 million mark. This figure shows an uptick of 7.8 million over the last five years. In light of this growing love for the canine community, Samantha Randall has launched Top Dog Tips ( a website dedicated to helping families in all aspects of their dog parenting experiences.

Said Randall, “More dogs are becoming beloved family members than ever before, which means a greater number of people are discovering the joys of canine companionship and fewer dogs are left to live on their own or find their way into shelters. Of course, it also leaves a lot more questions on the table about giving them the …

Pet Tech

For any dedicated pet owner, it is hard to think of your best friend as just a pet! More likely you consider him or her to be a member of the family. This is especially true when it comes to owners of cats or dogs. It is hard not to see an almost human like expression in their faces. With this in mind, a pet owner will always try their best to make sure their pet has everything it needs. The needs of your pet will, of course, include food, bedding, medications, and whatever toys or items for play you wish to get. Because of this, it is a good idea for any truly dedicated pet owner to be in contact with a website or group that can help them with advice and links to all the best deals for their pets. One thing that all people love but rarely …

A Simple Plan: Dogs

Tips for Getting the Best Veterinary and Dog Grooming Services Dogs are remarkably one of the most interesting pets that are kept by a lot of people. If you own a dog pet, you need to ensure that it is always in its best condition. You should always ensure that its health is always in check, and that it is properly groomed. When you observe cleanliness and proper grooming, you will have a good looking dog whose hygiene levels are standard. That said, you will only groom your dog best if you have an understanding of its basic anatomy. Most people assume that it is an easy task, of which it is recommendable for one to hire a professional. Besides, different dog breeds have specific features and styles which should be observed during the grooming process. Since grooming is important to dogs, it ought to be an essential need to …

Options – Getting Started & Next Steps

Things You Must Understand About Floor Installation And Refinishing

Your house will look warmth and lavish when you use hardwood flooring. However, it is important to know the total costs and installation procedure if you are thinking of having hardwood flooring. When it comes to hardwood floor installation, you may use the information below:

Wood is one of the best options when you talk about flooring. It gives natural beauty and durability. It is attractive and yet practical to use wood flooring to achieve a perfect look for your living room, dining room, and bedrooms. Wood naturally changes based on its condition. It can also expand and contract based on its moisture. But when it is in contact with water for a long period of time, its beauty may get lost. This is the reason why homeowners do not use wood in the kitchen and bathroom. Wood can bring natural …

Understanding Garages

Five Benefits Of Installing A Garage Door Opener

A method of securing the safety of your carport is by introducing an automatic garage door. It not only enhances security, but it also makes entrance and exit of your carport convenient. The following are a few more benefits of installing a garage door opener.

There is a better guarantee of your security when you go home at night since you no longer required to step out of the car to open the garage door. Installing an automatic garage port opener also minimizes the chances of sustaining physical injury that you may otherwise acquire when moving in the night. New releases of garage door openers use codes that only you have access to, thus ensuring your safety. It is very difficult to trespass an electronic garage door and it is impossible to lift the garage door once the system is activated.

If …

Case Study: My Experience With Services

10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Web Design Agency

Hiring a professional web designer is an important step when it comes to creating your business website. A website acts as an online platform to promote your products and services to a bigger audience while also giving you a great opportunity to develop a credible and trusted brand. While you can use various tools to create your own website, it’s better to work with an experienced design firm. These are the top reasons why you should hire a web design company.

1. A professional design agency will create a unique and customized website that makes you stand out from the rest. They design sites that are aligned with your business needs and will ensure that every step positively impacts on your short-term or long-term business goals.

2. Web design firms have the expertise required to create appealing messages that suit your …

Why People Think Massages Are A Good Idea

What You Should Consider When Choosing a Massage Therapist

You should research well if you want a good massage. If you simply go for treatment at any spa you come across, you may be disappointed with the results. For example, you may need a relaxing massage but the therapist you choose decides to dig his elbows into your back. On the other hand, you may end up getting a light massage when you needed a deep tissue massage. To avoid all these problems, take time to find the right therapist.

To find a good therapist that will leave you satisfied, you need to do your research well. Moreover, since you will be paying for the massage, it is only right that you get value for your money. If you have ever had an hours’ massage with a therapist you did not like, you know how poor the experience can be. …