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Free Online Virtual Pet

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NextDayKoi.com Joins Efforts To Save U.S. Koi Industry


(Kernersville, NC)—NextDayKoi.com, a premier supplier of live Koi for pond hobbyists across the U.S., recently announced their company has officially joined forces with others in the Koi keeping space in an effort to save the industry. The company is calling on customers to help them raise awareness about regulation changes affecting the industry and to take action to stop it from negatively impacting what they do.

“Right now, the Koi keeping industry is facing a very serious threat. The Center for Invasive Species Prevention – a private, non-government organization – has petitioned the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to add 43 species to the Injurious Species list. These species would include Cyprinus carpio, which is more commonly known as koi fish,” said Casey LeFever of NextDayKoi.com.

LeFever went on to say, “This would mean that we would no longer be able to transport Koi across state lines, …